I’ve been checking out a new internet marketing tool my friends built that wants to help you acquire more customers online. Their service is called Follow, it shows you exactly how your competitors advertise online.

an example of the sidebar

How does it work?

Follow installs a free extension on your browser. When you visit a site and want to learn how they acquire their customers online, simply open up the Follow sidebar.  Right away you can see a ton of competitive data about the website all from your browser.  You can simply scroll through the data to see it all.  Here are a few of the data points that they provide:

– Traffic Trends
– Affiliate Offers
– SEO Information – (seo results & top keywords
– SEM Information – (monthly spend estimates, top ads & keywords)
– Display Advertising – (top ad networks, placements & creatives)
– Contextual Advertising – (top ad networks, placements & creatives)
– Demographic Data – (gender, age, income, education, ethnicity, children)
– Latest Tweets
– WhoIs information
– Reverse IP Data – (information about other sites hosted on the same server)
– Top Competitors – (on both SEM and SEO)

Why should you care?

Having competitive information about your competitors may give you valuable insights which could help you improve your own online marketing campaigns.

Follow also saves you a ton of time, normally to get this data you’d have to visit a dozen of different websites to put it all together.

How do you get it?

You can download it for free by visiting their website,

If you spend a lot of time building online marketing campaigns, their software will be a valuable asset to have in your marketing tool set.