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How to Get Over 10K Website Hits in Under 24 Hours (And 3 More)

We’ll discover today: 1) How to get the best out of submitting your product on Product Hunt, 2) a practical list to find traction, validate ideas, and grow a product’s user base, 3) the successful elements your Facebook ad needs to have to outperform the competition, and 4) some inspirational examples of e-commerce stores that have fantastic calls to action.

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Discover Product Hunt and 3 More Strategies to Acquire More Customers

You’ll discover today: 1) Product Hunt, a very open community of people that can help you promote your product for free, 2) the nine elements you should remove from your landing page to increase conversions, 3) some effective blogging strategies to see your traffic grow, and 4) a series of tests and processes to grow your company into an incredibly valuable business.

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